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CNC machining cost control methods: 1

August 23, 2021

As a 26 years experience in rapid prototyping manufacturing of old factory, recently we are thinking of rapid prototyping technology has solved the product from design to production big cargo in advance to solve the potential problems, greatly reducing the production costs, but the single prototype manufacturing or product validation of small batch production, because of the different processing with the technology, Post-processing is a little polishing by hand, basic processing cost down is very high, is there any good method can be in does not affect the overall design at the same time also can the manufacturing cost of rapid prototyping prototype also down, everything comes to him who waits, we find a few is very effective and practical way to reduce cost, I will share these methods for our design engineers.


The inner circle is inverted at the vertical Angle

All CNC tools have a cylindrical shape. When machining the tank, it will produce a rounded corner of the same size at the vertical face to face junction of the tank.


If the product design, the slot vertical plane joint rounded too small will need to use a small tool, which means increased processing hours, because small tool processing efficiency than large tool ---- this will lead to an increase in processing time and cost.



latest company news about CNC machining cost control methods: 1


To reduce costs:


+ Fillet size is at least 1/3 of the depth of the tank, the bigger the better;


+ All rounded corners are of the same size; So that the whole process can use the same tool;


+ At the root of the tank, design a very small rounded corner (0.5mm or 1mm), or not round.


The ideal fillet size should be slightly larger than the radius of the tool, which will reduce the load on the tool and thus reduce the processing cost. For example, the depth of the tank is 12mm, the fillet is designed to be 5mm or larger, and the tool with a diameter of 8mm (radius of 4mm) can be used to ensure the processing efficiency.


+ If the circle cannot be inverted due to design requirements, for example, it needs to be matched with another square part here, in order to avoid smaller rounded corners, the following design can be carried out:

latest company news about CNC machining cost control methods: 1