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Customer thanks from Oxford

May 5, 2021

The original


KAIAO Business Manager Jiang:

The production of Oxford 15 sets of 202102038 was completed last week. Aiming at the orange color difference of Oxford project and the improvement result of our new color palette, I recorded a video for more than one minute and took more than 20 photos from different angles to send emails to Suzhou assembly factory and Shanghai headquarter. Shanghai sent a letter of thanks after receiving the emails. Thank you for your support!



Customer thanks from Oxford:


Jiang Jingli

I would also like to thank the KAIAO team for their technical improvement on the color difference problem. I am very satisfied with this result. Please express my heartfelt thanks to the engineering quality staff of KAIAO for me.

Global Quality Manager




Just now (16:19, April 27, 2021) I saw the good news shared by Manager Jiang of WeChat business group of KAIAO Marketing Department. The order 202102038 shipped last week has received satisfactory feedback from the customer, and I expressed my sincere thanks to the quality personnel of KAIAO Engineering. To get such a satisfactory evaluation from the customer is the biggest encouragement to the people of KAIO who are committed to every link and focus on doing things. Good for KAIO people! roll up our sleeves to work harder.