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Surface treatment process of hand plate processing

November 9, 2022

80% of the usual production cost is determined in the design stage, which is an important part of controlling product cost. In the current product development process of an enterprise, industrial design has always played an important role in the overall situation. The decision at the beginning of industrial design is to make a comprehensive consideration of the entire cycle of product design positioning, cost control, manufacturing, quality inspection, publicity and display, marketing, and recycling, which has a far-reaching impact. In the industrial design process, model making is an important link. From purely manual model making to semi-mechanized model making to modern CAM, the progress of prototype model making is a microcosm of the progress of modern manufacturing technology. Practice has proved that the production of prototype models is not only right Product design decision-making plays a very important role, and it is also a weapon for product information confidentiality and market promotion, which should not be underestimated. Let's take a look at the importance of prototype model making from different stages of the industrial design process.

One. Design optimization

Modern industrial design covers a wide range of content, ranging from paper clips and ballpoint pens to airplanes and ships. They all contain the shadow of modern industrial design. However, the design methods of so many products are not the same. The mechanical parts that emphasize geometric figures can be designed directly through computer graphics, and a certain degree of motion simulation experiment can be carried out through the dynamic laws of computer three-dimensional software. For some products with curved surfaces, such as small household appliances for daily use, on the one hand, it can be designed directly by a computer. On the other hand, it can also be used for three-dimensional surveying and mapping through reverse engineering technology (commonly known as copying) to obtain three-dimensional modeling data. The value algorithm is smoothed and corrected, and the three-dimensional model data formed after the correction can be used for prototype model making. The advantage of this method is more obvious when designing artwork that emphasizes the change of surface shape, because the appearance of the artwork focuses on the direct aesthetic feeling of people, and there are often no rules to follow. It is difficult to find regular geometric elements in it. Direct computer three-dimensional drawing is half the effort. Even if the model is established, its subsequent modification is very poor. If the opposite is done, first the modeling designer will directly use the sludge and other materials to shape the body, and then use the three-dimensional scanning equipment Parameterizing the model, obtaining the computer data of the original model, and then further manufacturing and processing through the prototype rapid model equipment, can greatly improve the design efficiency.

At present, the 3D data formats received by Keao Company are: .IGS/ .STP/ .STL/ .PRT/.X-T, welcome to map and process

Two. Design discussion

In the process of product design, discussion is very important. Visualization is an important part of product design expression and the cornerstone of design discussion. Build product models quickly and efficiently, and you can get higher design efficiency at the same time. In the creative stage of design, the most commonly used is the 2D representation based on drawings. However, in the middle and later stages, the performance of the design will be more specific, and a more specific and intuitive prototype model should be used as the object of discussion. Compared with the flat 2D performance, the prototype model has an irreplaceable advantage. The prototype model can make the details of the product more clear and the visual experience of the product more intuitive. Everyone in the design team can observe these designs, which has obvious advantages in coordinating the work of the entire team.



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Figure 1 is a prototype of the appearance of a telephone landline. The prototype model is used for design discussion. Compared with a two-dimensional plan, the 1:1 prototype is more intuitive. The designer can feel the appearance design effect through direct contact and discuss the design shape. Built on a more realistic basis, this is irreplaceable by plane drawings.

Three, functional test

The production of the prototype model can do certain functional tests, and can simulate the final form of the product, including functional form, curved surface form, etc., using materials with a certain strength (such as ABS, PC, etc.), you can produce functions that include internal structures Prototype model to test whether the structure of the product is reasonable, whether the wall thickness meets the requirements, whether the moving parts are smooth, etc. It can also be used for aerodynamic testing with a handboard model. For example, in the design of high-speed moving objects such as automobiles, high-speed trains or spacecraft, a 1:1 model can be made and put into the wind tunnel for intuitive aerodynamic research.

Fourth, reduce costs

A design defect that has been tested and produced at a cost of 1,000 yuan may cause a huge loss of 10 million yuan if it is put into production and marketed. In many cases, this problem is often fatal. The steady advancement of the design process is necessary. Therefore, it is very important to find the defects in the product design process in the early stage of product design and correct them in time to avoid subsequent production problems. Among them, model making is an important link that we can use. Through the production of the prototype model, the final form, size, structure or color test of the product can be obtained at a relatively small cost, and important information such as product volume and quality can be predicted. This has an impact on the packaging cost, transportation cost and manufacturing consumption of the product. The cost of raw materials can be effectively controlled. And from this estimate the sales price and sales profit of the product. If the cost exceeds the initial design, it can be adjusted in time until the target range of the cost is reached. Prototype model making is an effective means of enterprise cost control.

Five, product confidentiality

Product design is an important part of the company’s core competitiveness. Products need to be strictly confidential in the design stage. The division of labor in modern manufacturing is becoming more and more detailed. The advantage of design outsourcing is that it can eliminate the need to establish an independent design agency within the company. The cost of product development also reduces the risk of product research and development, but it also brings the difficulty of product confidentiality. Even if a company has its own research and development organization, if the model phase still needs to be completed by an external design organization, there is still the possibility of leakage of design secrets. So now large manufacturing companies generally have their own independent research and development institutions, and have their own prototype model making equipment, so that the research and development process of new products can be completed independently within the corporate design team, reducing the contact with external service organizations, so as to maximize Ensure that the design data is not leaked, and protect the design secrets of the enterprise.

Kaiao Prototype Factory has 17 years of company history since it was founded in 1995. You can rest assured about confidentiality. For confidential data, we require customers to sign confidentiality agreements to facilitate our follow-up cooperation.

Six. Market research

In trade fairs, flat panels or three-dimensional animation presentations will not be more attractive than prototypes. The simulation model can most intuitively show the shape, color, size, structure, and function of the product. . The production of prototype models is a convenient and quick initial performance of the product. Different initial plans can be made into models, and market surveys can be conducted through exhibitions or actual verification by end customers. You can also use fast prototype technology to reproduce models in small batches. Send product models to different regions for investigation and obtain more market-differentiated survey data. Prototype technology can predict the actual psychological effect and use effect of the final consumer of the product before mass production.

In general, with the advancement of modern processing technology, the production technology of prototype models is becoming more and more perfect. Keao currently has four mainstream processing methods: CNC processing, SLA laser rapid prototyping, vacuum complex mold, and RIM low pressure infusion.