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OEM Service Robot Bottom Enclosure CNC Machining Prototype

OEM Service Robot Bottom Enclosure CNC Machining Prototype

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    Robot Bottom CNC Machining Prototype


    Robot Enclosure CNC Machining Prototype


    Robot Enclosure CNC Rapid Prototyping

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OEM Service Robot Bottom Enclosure CNC Machining Prototype

  • 1. What post-treatment processes can we choose?
    Our post-treatment processes are: sanding, painting (high-gloss paint, matte paint, leather paint), polishing, UV, silk screen, radium carving, drawing, electroplating (vacuum plating, water plating), oxidation, coating.
  • 2. What types of files do we receive?
    We currently receive files in the following formats:.igs,.stp,.stl,.prt,.x-t.
  • 3. How can kaiao ensure that customer data does not flow to its competitors?
    You can rest assured on this point, because of the particularity of our industry, in order to ensure the vital interests of customers, kai 'ao internal implementation of the strict confidentiality system. Every computer in the company is monitored by professional security management software, and the level of access is set. Every document that enters my company passes software to encrypt processing, prevent data leakage and purfer copy.
  • 4. What are the advantages of making handboards in kaiao company?
    Our company has a history of 16 years in the handplate industry, adhering to the spirit of excellence, the accuracy of the structure of the handplate is an absolute advantage, three-coordinate measurement is also a good foundation for auto parts splicing;
  • 5. What are the processing materials for CMC handboards made by kaiao company?

    Our company commonly used plastic sheet has the following: as shown in the table

    name appearance Relative density The tensile strength The impact strength Service temperature range note
    ABS Yellowish black sheet 1.04-1.06g/cm3 >32.0Mpa >88.0j/m2 -20℃—+70℃ Easy to polish easy to stain and electroplate
    PC A clear colorless or yellowish plate 1.19g/cm3 60-70Mpa 45-60j/m2 -60℃—+120℃ Making phone buttons
    PMMA Highly transparent sheet 1.188-1.22g/cm3 60-75Mpa 12-13kj/m2 -40℃—+80℃ Make lenses and headlights
    PA Translucent or milky white 1.14-1.15g/cm3 >60.0Mpa >5kj/m2 -40℃—+105℃ Not easy to glue to make comb and toothbrush
    PP The white board 1.035g/cm3        
    POM The white board 1.39-1.45g/cm3 63Mpa 6kj/m2 -50℃—+110℃ Make gear and shaft

    Metal plate: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and other metal plate;