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OEM ODM Equipment Prototype Plastic Injection Mold Beauty Device Model

OEM ODM Equipment Prototype Plastic Injection Mold Beauty Device Model

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    ODM Equipment Prototype


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    ODM Plastic Injection Mold

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    OEM ODM Customised
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    Medical And Beauty Device Products
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    Reaction Injection Mould
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OEM ODM Equipment Prototype Plastic Injection Mold Beauty Device Model

OEM ODM Equipment Prototype Plastic Injection Mold Beauty Device Model


High Quality Reaction Injection Moulding Prototype Beauty Device Model Mould Plastic Injection Mold Beauty Instrument


1. Main Services:


  • Rapid CNC machining for plastic & metal parts
  • Vacuum Casting (RTV)
  • 3D Printing: SLA & SLS
  • RIM (reaction injection molding), we are one of the rapid manufacturers who have the in-house RIM facilities in South China.
  • Sheet Metal, stamping, forging, die casting, extrusion
  • Rapid soft tooling
  • Post finishing, such as painting, anodized, plating, chromate, powder coat, printing, polishing...


2. Advantages:


  • In-house RTV facilities that can prototype cast plastic parts with maximum size 2000X1200X1000mm, materials are available such as PU-PP, PU-POM, anti-fire PU...
  • In-house RIM facilities that can manufacture plastic parts with maximum size 2000X1200X1000mm, this is special for robots, medical equipment outer covers or automotive interiors & exteriors.
  • Environmental painting facilities(dust free room) for medical devices and life science equipments post finishing.
  • Confidential rooms to conseal your new projects' rapid assembly verification.


3. Certificates:


GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015, YY/T0287-2017/ISO13485:2016, ISO9001


Q: What kind of drawing format is acceptable?
A: PDF, JPG, STEP, STL, IGS, DWG Format etc
Q: What to be clearly indicated when I send you drawing?
A:You are kindly requested to let us know the raw material, finish and quantity at least.
Q: Do you manage finishing processes?
A: Yes, We do Passivate , Anodize, Electroless Nickel Plating, Engraving etc.
Q: What are the advantages of making handboards in kaiao company?
Our company has a history of 16 years in the handplate industry, adhering to the spirit of excellence, the accuracy of the structure of the handplate is an absolute advantage, three-coordinate measurement is also a good foundation for auto parts splicing;
Q:What are the processing materials for CMC handboards made by kaiao company?
Our company commonly used plastic sheet has the following: as shown in the table
name appearance Relative density The tensile strength The impact strength Service temperature range note
ABS Yellowish black sheet 1.04-1.06g/cm3 >32.0Mpa >88.0j/m2 -20℃—+70℃ Easy to polish easy to stain and electroplate
PC A clear colorless or yellowish plate 1.19g/cm3 60-70Mpa 45-60j/m2 -60℃—+120℃ Making phone buttons
PMMA Highly transparent sheet 1.188-1.22g/cm3 60-75Mpa 12-13kj/m2 -40℃—+80℃ Make lenses and headlights
PA Translucent or milky white 1.14-1.15g/cm3 >60.0Mpa >5kj/m2 -40℃—+105℃ Not easy to glue to make comb and toothbrush
PP The white board 1.035g/cm3        
POM The white board 1.39-1.45g/cm3 63Mpa 6kj/m2 -50℃—+110℃ Make gear and shaft

Metal plate: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and other metal plate;