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RIM Automotive Injection Molding Rapid Prototyping Front Rear Bumper

RIM Automotive Injection Molding Rapid Prototyping Front Rear Bumper

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    RIM Automotive Injection Molding


    ODM Automotive Injection Molding


    ODM Auto Parts Mould

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    Front Bumper
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    Auto Parts
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    Can Be Customized
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RIM Automotive Injection Molding Rapid Prototyping Front Rear Bumper

RIM Automotive Injection Molding Rapid Prototyping Front Rear Bumper


Custom RIM Low-Pressure Perfusion Molding Process Rapid Prototyping Front Bumper Rear Bumper Auto Part Car Bumper


Advantages of RIM Molding


RIM molding allows for many distinct advantages, some of which include:

  • Large Parts - The properties of the liquid polyurethane components enable them to fill molds for very large parts.
  • Encapsulation of Inserts - Inserts of many types can be placed into a mold prior to injection of the RIM material. The RIM material can also encapsulate many inserts during molding.
  • Thick and Thin Walls - The RIM process offers you the flexibility to design parts with significant wall thickness variations.
  • Class-A Surfaces - The surface finish of parts molded with the RIM process allows manufacturers to produce Class A painted parts.
  • Low Cost Tooling Options - The low injection pressures of the RIM process allow for tooling to be manufactured quicker, and at lower cost, than tools used in traditional injection molding, or structural foam.

1. How do you pack the products?

The goods will be packed by soft foam for protection and then put into a corrugated paper carton if they are in light weight, otherwise, into a wooden case.

2. What’s shipping ways available?
DHL, FedEx, UPS,China air post, shipping by air or by sea are supported.

3. How long can I get the parts after delivery?
It may take 7-10 days to arrive by DHL. The arriving days depend on which country you are.

4. How quickly can I get my parts?
Quality parts can be made in as little as one-two weeks if you provide us with completed 2D and 3D CAD models. More complex parts requiring or other special features will take longer.

5. Can I use my own material for production?
Yes, customer-supplied material is fine so long as it fits with our machine capabilities.

6. Can I use my own master model for making duplicate copies for vacuum casting or CNC machining?
Yes, master models are used to create silicone molds for vacuum casting and can be made from any rigid solid that can
withstand heat up to 100° C. Models used for CNC machining will be 3D scanned to create a CAD/CAM program for production.

7. How long does a quotation take?
Normally we respond with the quotation within 24hrs to the receiving RFQ. If any case need more time we will inform you in advance.

8. What type of design file is support for quoting?
In order to offer an accurate and in-time quotation,we accept the 3D format of IGES, STL,STEP, x-t and 2D drawings with defined dimension information in PDF format.

9. Can you make a design for me?
We have no design service . you should provide 3D and 2D drawings for us to make program upon receiving your order.

10. Is my data safe?
All information and data that you were provided us are used only for business purpose and will not be shared or given to
third-party without your approval unless are legally required.

11. Payment and Delivery?
Bank wire through IBAN , 50% deposit and the balance before shipping.


12. Can hardness of steel be 54+2HRC after nitride?

Though nitride belong to heat treatment, the steel can't reach the hardness after the process.

Heat treatment such as quenching should be applied to steel first and then have nitride for the steel to get the hardness.


13. How to make steel glossy after black oxide?

Givig high polishing to the surface before black oxide can get glossy effect.


14. Is UL94 V5 plastic material available?

Yes, the material is available and datesheet can be provided.


15. How to avoid deformation of steel?

It is suggested that heat treatment shouldn't be applied to too long or too thin steel part and slow down hardness to relieve or prevent deformation.