CNC machining

What is CNC machining?

There are many types of CNC machines. They all use a computer controlled machine tool to remove material from the workpiece.. Because of this computer control, CNC machining is much faster, more precise and accurate than conventional machining.

CNC machining process

Be a trustworthy online CNC machining service manufacturer. With low cost, fast delivery, and high-quality CNC parts, we provide users with online services with professional CNC machining capabilities. With state-of-the-art CNC machining machines, instant online orders are delivered on time every time. With low cost, fast delivery and high quality CNC parts, we provide users with online services with professional CNC machining capabilities. With state-of-the-art CNC machining machines, instant online orders are delivered on time every time.

CNC milling

CNC milling makes complex prismatic shapes and flat surfaces for a limitless variety of commercial and industrial products. Multi-axis metal CNC machines require no fixed tooling, are highly flexible, and extremely accurate. Learn more about how we can support your most demanding CNC milling projects with no volume limitations.

CNC turning

CNC turning is the ideal way to make deep holes, machined threads, and all types of cylindrical shapes that have superior surface finishes. When you need precisely manufactured parts, fast turnaround, and no volume limitations, CNC turning at KAIAO is your solution. Learn more about how we can support you.

Materials options for CNC machining service





stainless Steel

Steel Alloy   

Steel Mild Low Carbon   







Delrin (POM)

















High efficiency online CNC machining manufactuter - KAIAO

With more than 28 years of experience, reliable CNC machining manufacturer for perfect CNC Precision Machined Parts. Our outstanding team serves engineers and product developers worldwide, fulfilling instant orders online and delivering flawlessly.

KAIAO uses internationally recognized advanced CNC software and machining equipment, 17 High Precision High Efficiency 3 Axis CNC VMCs (Vertical Machining Centers). At KAIAO, our precision machines engineer plastics and soft metal alloys.
We produce Rapid Prototypes or Direct Part Productions on the client's CAD data. Our CNC Department integrates modern technologies and manual techniques to achieve the highest International Production Standards.
Our professional CNC Technicians are experienced in CNC programming and processing, providing services daily, consigning your projects with the right materials and processes, and offering alternative solutions when needed.
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CNC machining service tolerances
To understand the tolerance dimensions of precision CNC machining service parts. The following table shows KAIAO' s standard CNC machining tolerance requirements for the industry. We share a common goal with our customers and are committed to providing better products from rapid prototyping to production. KAIAO provides online custom CNC machining services for any complex CNC machining services for producing small and large series parts.


Metals, PEEK, and ULTEM with drawing

Other plastics with drawing

No drawing

Linear dimension

+/- 0.01 mm
+/- 0.0003 inch

+/- 0.05 mm
+/- 0.002 inch

ISO 2768 medium

Hole diameters
(Not reamed)

+/- 0.01 mm
+/- 0.0003 inch

+/- 0.05 mm
+/- 0.002 inch

ISO 2768 medium

Shaft diameters

+/- 0.004 mm
+/- 0.00016 inch

+/- 0.05 mm
+/- 0.002 inch

ISO 2768 medium

What is CNC Machining used for?

CNC machining is used for a wide range of applications across various industries. Some common uses of CNC machining include the following. The versatility and precision of CNC machines make them indispensable in modern manufacturing and fabrication processes.

CNC machining is widely used for rapid prototyping to create functional prototypes of products before mass production. It allows for quick design iterations and validation of product concepts.
CNC machining is used to manufacture precise and complex parts and components with high accuracy and consistency. It is commonly employed in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical devices.
CNC machining enables the production of customized parts tailored to specific requirements. It allows for the creation of unique designs and one-off parts that are not easily achievable using traditional manufacturing methods.
CNC machining is utilized in the production of tools, dies, and molds used in various manufacturing processes. It offers the ability to create intricate and precise tooling for shaping and forming materials.
CNC machining is employed in retrofitting existing machinery or repairing damaged parts. It enables the recreation of obsolete or broken components, ensuring the continued operation of equipment.
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KAIAO CNC machining projects

We provide high-quality prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturing services to support your product development needs. Our international team of engineers work with you to make your product ideas a reality through manufacturing technologies like metal 3D printing, vacuum casting, CNC machining, plastic injection molding and a range of finishing services.

Assembly of parts
With extensive experience, KAIAO can achieve the desired assembly effect according to your CNC parts requirements. Our advanced CNC machining equipment and a variety of high-precision testing equipment, such as coordinate,2D measuring instrument, height gauge, caliper, micrometer, various specifications of the thread gauge, and needle gauge.
Aerospace rapid prototyping
KAIAO has worked with aerospace engineers and provided aerospace CNC machining services on aerospace projects. Here are some examples of aerospace applications made by KAIAO: Commercial aircraft, planes, jets and helicopters, Satellites, Spacecraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Drones.
Customized robot
The robot machine is mainly used in bank self-service, integrates various service modes. Processed by high-precision CNC machining equipment and made of environmentally friendly ABS materials, the surface is treated by various processes such as silk screen printing, oil spray and UV. It has high precision, bright luster, novel and unique design and beautiful appearance. The machining accuracy is up to 0.01mm.
CNC parts for automotive
Auto engineers always use rapid prototyping and manufacturing to sample size and test shape, fit, feel, and function. Rapid prototyping and manufacturing for auto applications are limited to small parts and multiple components being joined to create large objects. With rich experience, KAIAO has produced auto components. Thus, we are your ideal partner for automotive projects.


KAIAO CNC machining process ensures every drone part we create is developed efficiently and precisely. Our precision machining methods offer a wealth of advantages for Drone customers who desire parts that have high-quality requirements for close tolerance and surface finish. We have a full range of precision machining process capabilities, including CNC turning, vertical/horizontal milling, grinding, and many secondary operations.
Medical device
KAIAO produces your medical devices with precision machines and suitable processes. Here is an example, This product initially needs to be 3D printed using PA12 material, but the technical department reported that 3D printing is unsuitable for PA12 and ABS materials. We recommend using CNC technology and ABS materials according to customer requirements. To better restore the customer' s design in meeting the needs of hardness and precision.
Our advantage

We are a professional custom manufacturing factory, and we hold a leading position in the CNC machining industry. As an expert in this field, our company offers several key advantages:

With extensive experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we stay at the forefront of CNC machining. We constantly keep up with the latest industry developments and employ state-of-the-art equipment and processes to ensure our technological edge.
We specialize in custom machining and provide personalized solutions based on our clients' specific needs and requirements. Our technical team and engineers work closely with customers to deliver high-quality parts and products that meet their exact specifications.
We adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure the precision and quality of each machined part. Advanced measuring equipment and processes are employed to monitor and validate each step, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the final products.
Our efficient production processes and optimized supply chain management enable us to respond quickly to customer demands and provide fast turnaround times. We prioritize time management to ensure timely delivery of our clients' orders.
With a wide range of materials in stock, we can handle various common and specialty materials, including metals, plastics, and composite materials. Whatever material our customers require, we can provide suitable solutions.
We value collaborative relationships with our customers and prioritize their satisfaction. Our team maintains open communication and provides timely feedback to ensure a thorough understanding of our customers' needs and to meet their expectations.
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CNC machining FAQ

If you have any questions about CNC machining, please read our FAQ, which contains professional questions and answers about technology, industry, production, etc. You can find the answers you want here.
What is CNC machining, and how does it work?
CNC machining stands for Computer Numerical Control machining. It is a manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed computer software to control the movement of machinery and tools. The computer controls the cutting tools' position, speed, and feed rate to precisely shape and form the material into the desired product.
What are the advantages of CNC machining over traditional machining methods?
CNC machining offers several advantages over traditional machining methods, including higher precision, repeatability, and accuracy. It allows for complex and intricate designs to be easily produced, reduces human error, increases production efficiency, and enables automation for faster turnaround times.
What types of materials can be used in CNC machining?
CNC machining can work with a wide range of materials, including metals (such as aluminum, steel, brass, and titanium), plastics (such as ABS, PVC, and nylon), wood, foam, and composites. The specific material selection depends on the requirements of the project and the capabilities of the CNC machine.
How precise can CNC machining achieve in terms of dimensional accuracy?
CNC machining can achieve high levels of dimensional accuracy, typically within a few thousandths of an inch or even tighter tolerances, depending on the machine's capabilities and the part design requirements. The precision can be further enhanced through careful calibration and quality control measures.
What are the typical applications of CNC machining in various industries?
CNC machining finds applications in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices, prototyping, and manufacturing. It is used to produce components, parts, and prototypes with high precision and quality, ranging from simple to complex geometries.
How does the process of customizing parts through CNC machining work?
The process of customizing parts through CNC machining involves several steps. It starts with designing the part using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. The design is then converted into CNC machine instructions (G-code) and loaded into the CNC machine. The machine cuts, drills, mills, or shapes the material according to the programmed instructions to produce the desired custom part.
What are the key factors that affect the cost of CNC machining services?
Several factors influence the cost of CNC machining services, including the complexity of the part design, the material used, the quantity of parts ordered, the required tolerances, surface finishes, and any additional post-processing or finishing requirements. The machine setup time and the complexity of the machining operations also contribute to the overall cost.
What quality control measures are implemented during the CNC machining process?
Quality control measures in CNC machining include regular machine maintenance and calibration, inspection of raw materials, in-process inspections to monitor dimensions and tolerances, and final inspection of finished parts. Advanced metrology tools, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), are often used to ensure the accuracy and quality of the machined parts.
What are the different types of CNC machines commonly used in the industry?
Common types of CNC machines include CNC mills (vertical and horizontal), CNC lathes, CNC routers, CNC plasma cutters, CNC laser cutters, and CNC EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines. Each type of machine is specialized for specific applications and offers different capabilities in terms of cutting, shaping, and forming materials.
How long does it typically take to complete a CNC machining project from design to delivery?
The time required to complete a CNC machining project depends on several factors, including the complexity of the design, the quantity of parts, the material used, the machining operations involved, and the workload of the CNC machine shop. It can range from a few days to several weeks. It is best to consult with the CNC machining service provider to get an accurate estimate based on your specific project requirements.
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