Surface finishing

Surface finishing service in KAIAO

In addition to machining service, we also offer various surface finishing service to make your parts have perfect outlook as your idea design.

The finishing ranges from simple deburr, polish and smooth to painting, silk printing, anodizing, sand blasting, heat treatment, black oxide, nitride coating, carburizing, PVD coating, powder coating and etc. The post-processing is to handle the parts with clean sweeping, deburring, rust-cleaning and degreasing.







UTreatment printing

Laser carving  

Wire drawing


Leather coating




Research and development

KAIAO Research & Development is a specialized division that focuses on providing Visual Finishing Solutions.  If you have a custom finish in mind for your color, texture, gloss, or durometer requirements, KAIAO R&D will work with you to make it happen.  If you want transparent or translucent tints, pearl or metallic flakes, and glow in the dark painted and cast parts, we can most certainly meet your requests.

Research & Development efforts at KAIAO are led by RP Finishing Specialist Bradlee Hughes.  Bradlee is a B.F.A. University Degreed Fine Artist and Industrial Designer from America, with over 20 years of professional experience working with designers and engineers worldwide and assists with the key role of guiding KAIAO to communicate effectively with foreign clients & in the Internationalization of Production Processes & Standards.

Surface finishing process introduction
At KAIAO, we employ over 50 Hand Craft Specialists to make your models.  From de-flashing parts to pre-fitting, gluing, filling, sanding, modifying, measuring, and assembling, our Hand Craft Specialists focus on every engineering detail and every design detail.  At KAIAO, we always strive for perfection in every part on every project.  
KAIAO offers a selection of Specialty Surface Treatment options from Anodizing, Electroplating and Water Electroplating, Chrome Plating and Nickel Plating, Powder Coating, Laser Etching, as well as Silk Screening & Pad Printing, KAIAO can provide it all.  Whether for visual or functional requirements, our suppliers can add real production surface treatments on plastic and metal prototype parts.
Our Painting Department is where we bring your project to life. Our team of Painting Technicians work within 4 professional automotive Paint Booths, a state of the art 160 sq. meter custom designed Dust Free – Down Draft painting environment.  We use top of the line paint spray guns & airbrushes from SATA, IWATA, and DeVilbiss.  We use UV coatings and Acrylic 1K&2K PU Automotive Refinishing coatings from PPG, DuPont, and Akzo Nobel.  From mobile phones to cars, KAIAO Painters can provide any surface treatment on any project in any color, texture, or gloss you require!
Our Polishing Department can provide beautiful Metal Finishes!  Whether your project requires a Machined Finish, Chrome Mirror polish, Brushed polish, or Glass Bead Blast, KAIAO can provide.  Our Polishers also provide hand polishing for crystal clear PMMA.  For PC we can Vapor Polish the parts to become transparent by using special solvents.
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Our advantage

We are a professional custom manufacturing factory, and we hold a leading position in the surface finishing industry. As an expert in this field, our company offers several key advantages:

The factory should possess advanced technology and equipment to offer a variety of surface finishing options, such as spraying, plating, anodizing, etc. We have experienced technicians who can provide high-quality surface finishing services according to customer requirements.
Our factory have stringent quality control procedures and processes to ensure that each prototype's surface finishing meets the customer's requirements and standards. They should have inspection equipment and methods to perform quality validation and testing.
Our factory should be able to deliver prototypes on time to meet customer needs. We have efficient production planning and management systems to respond promptly to customer orders and guarantee timely delivery.
Our factory provide competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality surface finishing. We have cost optimization methods and strategies to offer cost-effective solutions.
Our factory should prioritize environmental protection and sustainable development. We use environmentally friendly surface finishing methods and materials, comply with relevant regulations and standards. We can also reduce environmental impact through recycling, energy conservation, and emission reduction measures.
Our factory provide excellent customer service, enabling timely communication and coordination with customers. We have a professional sales team and customer support team to address customer inquiries and provide technical support.
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Surface finishing FAQ

If you have any questions about Surface finishing, please read our FAQ, which contains professional questions and answers about technology, industry, production, etc. You can find the answers you want here.
What is surface finishing?
Surface finishing refers to the process of modifying the surface of a material or product to improve its appearance, durability, corrosion resistance, or other desired properties. It involves applying coatings, plating, polishing, or other treatments to achieve the desired surface characteristics.
What are the common types of surface finishing?
Some common types of surface finishing include painting, electroplating, anodizing, powder coating, galvanizing, polishing, and passivation. Each type of finishing has its own unique benefits and applications, depending on the material and desired outcome.
Why is surface finishing important?
Surface finishing serves several important purposes. It enhances the aesthetics of a product, providing a visually appealing appearance. It also improves the durability and lifespan of the product by protecting it from corrosion, wear, and environmental factors. Additionally, surface finishing can enhance functionality by providing specific properties like electrical conductivity or lubricity.
How do I choose the right surface finishing for my product?
Choosing the right surface finishing depends on various factors such as the material of the product, intended application, desired appearance, and functional requirements. It is important to consider factors like corrosion resistance, wear resistance, chemical compatibility, and aesthetic preferences. Consulting with surface finishing experts or suppliers can help in making an informed decision.
What are the quality standards for surface finishing?
Quality standards for surface finishing vary depending on the industry and specific application. Common quality standards include ISO 9001 (general quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and specific industry standards such as ASTM, MIL-SPEC, or automotive standards like IATF 16949. It is important to work with a surface finishing provider who adheres to relevant quality standards to ensure consistent and reliable results.
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