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As an experienced automotive prototype manufacturer, KAIAO used rapid prototyping to quickly produce the automotive part the client needed. Throughout the development process, KAIAO communicated closely with the client, gaining a thorough understanding of their design requirements and manufacturing challenges, to provide a personalized custom solution.
We have our own production lines for spray painting, sand blasting, grinding, coating, CD patterning, wire drawing, polishing, silk screen printing and more. We also have excellent suppliers for electroplating, oxidation, laser engraving, vacuum plating, and other surface treatment processes. We can help you solve surface treatment problems perfectly.
We provide prototyping services for a medical device manufacturer and recently completed a project for the CT(Computed Tomography) scanner housing. The client provided clear specifications for the shape and size of the prototype; however, during the actual manufacturing process, we discovered design flaws which resulted in the prototype not meeting the client's requirements. We promptly communicated with the client and identified issues with their original design which could affect the product's performance. We worked closely with the client to develop a solution based on their feedback. As experts in low-pressure casting and other prototyping processes, we are committed to providing high-quality services that meet our clients' needs.
First, we have advanced CNC machine tools and professional technicians who can accurately process according to customer requirements. Second, we have an experienced team of engineers who can provide professional design and technical support for customers.
Our client requires a CNC machined part made from ABS material, with a painted surface and a tolerance range of ±0.1mm. The client also provided 2D and 3D technical drawings but lacked the experience to determine the best approach for manufacturing the part. Additionally, the client needed to finish the project in the shortest possible time to meet market demands.
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We provide high quality manufacturing solutions that can have your design finished in a matter of hours.
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