We have our own production lines for spray paintin


We have our own production lines for spray painting, sand blasting, grinding, coating, CD patterning, wire drawing, polishing, silk screen printing and more. We also have excellent suppliers for electroplating, oxidation, laser engraving, vacuum plating, and other surface treatment processes. We can help you solve surface treatment problems perfectly.

1. Rapid prototyping of automotive components: We have top-notch 3D printing and CNC machining technologies that enable us to quickly and accurately manufacture various automotive component prototypes for clients for testing and validation during the

research and development process.

2. Automotive vehicle prototype manufacturing: We can create vehicle prototypes based on clients' requirements, including structural design, component assembly, data recording and analysis, to provide clients with high-quality automotive vehicle prototypes.

3. Prototype testing: We evaluate various aspects of prototypes, including performance, safety, and environmental requirements,

based on clients' needs to ensure the quality and performance of each vehicle prototype.

1. Advanced equipment and technology: We have CNC machining centers, laser cutting machines, 3D printers, and proficiency in RIM


2. Strict quality management system: We comply with medical equipment quality management systems and have ISO13485 and CE certifications.

3. Professional team: Our team has dozens of technical professionals and can provide efficient and high-quality processing


4. Flexible production capacity: We can provide small-batch production according to customers' needs, including customized and

process optimization services.

Automotive Prototype Manufacturing - KAIAO Helps Customers Create Perfect Automotive Parts
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