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Background: Our client requires a CNC machined part made from ABS material, with a painted surface and a tolerance range of ±0.1mm. The client also provided 2D and 3D technical drawings but lacked the experience to determine the best approach for manufacturing the part. Additionally, the client needed to finish the project in the shortest possible time to meet market demands.

Problem Analysis: During the prototyping process, we recognized some issues such as a lack of detail in the technical drawings, complex part geometry, and various processing options. We helped the client to develop a range of solutions to address these challenges.

Solution Development: We conducted a thorough evaluation and analysis of the client's technical drawings to identify their needs. Through discussions with the client, we provided two different production plans--part segmentation and equipment selection--to enable the client to make quick decisions and fulfill their order promptly.

Solution Selection: The client ultimately chose the part segmentation plan, which replaced CNC machining with 3D printing as the primary manufacturing process. Our team resolved issues relating to inconsistencies in part geometry during the post-printing process. We also utilized sandblasting to clean the part surfaces and increase the roughness for adhesive purposes, followed by a painting process. Our solution not only produced the desired aesthetics but significantly reduced production costs for our client.

Effectiveness Analysis: Our solution helped the client complete their project successfully and ensured part accuracy and quality. Furthermore, we reduced the client's production cycle and provided a better and faster option. Our technical innovation and professional knowledge ensured that we delivered the best prototype manufacturing solution to the client.

Conclusion: KAIAO has over 28 years of experience in prototype manufacturing and possesses an in-depth understanding of material properties and the impact of various processing options. We can provide clients with the most appropriate and cost-effective manufacturing processes, thereby saving time and reducing costs. Contact us today if you face similar prototyping challenges, and we promise to provide you with a customized manufacturing solution.

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