CT scanner case


CT scanner case 1

We provide prototyping services for a medical device manufacturer and recently completed a project for the CT(Computed Tomography) scanner housing. The client provided clear specifications for the shape and size of the prototype; however, during the actual manufacturing process, we discovered design flaws which resulted in the prototype not meeting the client's requirements. We promptly communicated with the client and identified issues with their original design which could affect the product's performance. We worked closely with the client to develop a solution based on their feedback. As experts in low-pressure casting and other prototyping processes, we are committed to providing high-quality services that meet our clients' needs.

CT scanner case 2

Weakening Internal Edges

Based on customer requirements and actual usage effects, we believe that the internal edges of the prototype are too heavy, which

could affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the medical device. After several communications with the customer, we finally

decided to weaken the internal edges to 2mm to ensure that not only their requirements were met, but the actual usage effect was

also taken into consideration.

CT scanner case 3

Modification of product corner section

The client provided a design drawing that had significant design flaws in the corner section of the product. The design team and

manufacturing department had different views, and it was impossible to determine a processing method. We maintained close

communication with the client and had in-depth discussions on the processing technology and actual usage effect of the product. Accordingly, we modified the product's corner section and adjusted it to better align with the actual usage effect. This approach helped to ensure that the prototype's housing would not encounter any problems during usage.

CT scanner case 4

With KAIAO professional skills and high sense of responsibility, we have successfully helped clients solve product design flaws by devising targeted optimization solutions. The resulting prototype housing met the client's requirements and demonstrated excellent performance. The client expressed gratitude for our efficient and professional services,

indicating that we are an enterprise worthy of trust and cooperation. Through this case, we have exhibited KAIAO's professional knowledge and service capabilities in prototype manufacturing, while also promoting our steadfast service

principles to provide clients with the highest-quality prototype manufacturing services.

CT scanner case 5

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