Low-volume manufacturing service

What is low-volume manufacturing?

Low-volume manufacturing is a specialized service that offers full production-quality parts but in volumes ranging from a single piece to a few thousand pieces. It’s ideal for moving an idea from the concept stage through prototyping, and from there as a bridge to full volume production.

Low volume production is considered to be a specialized service because most manufacturers don’t want to do it. Their assembly lines and supply chains are optimized for large production volumes that leverage economies of scale. There is nothing wrong with that approach, because it’s the best way to ensure the lowest cost per piece. However, it usually requires large minimum order volumes and a commitment to expensive tooling.

But what is a product developer to do if you want to start off with product volumes on the low end, from one part to one thousand? That' s where Star Rapid can help.

How to process low-volume manufacturing

What is the secret to low volume manufacturing success? Is there a difference in the types of raw materials that are used, the way that they’re processed, or the quality of the finished product?

Our clients are concerned that low-volume manufacturing doesn’t mean compromising quality or precision when compared to full production manufacturing. Rest assured that when we process lower volume orders we use the same materials, the same equipment, and the same rigorous quality control. 

How do we do it? We’re experts in high-mix, low volume production because our systems are optimized to be scalable, from one part to a million. That means we have a robust supply chain of raw materials so you won' t be burdened with minimum order volume restrictions. And we have a digital manufacturing platform that ties all of our equipment together into a single network. That allows us to allocate resources quickly and efficiently between work centers in order to process even complex orders fast.

Advantages of low-volume manufacturing

How can low-volume manufacturing help you and your business? Here are a few ways:

Create a bridge between rapid prototyping and full-scale production
Reduce your financial risk because we have no minimum order values
Provide rapid access to emerging markets
Respond quickly to shorter product life cycles
Allow for faster design changes
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Low-volume manufacturing services
Low-volume manufacturing is a specialized service that offers full production-quality parts but in volumes ranging from a single piece to a few thousand pieces. KAIAO provides best-in-class low-volume manufacturing services. Learn how we can support you on your next project.
Reaction injection molding

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is an advanced molding process used to manufacture complex plastic parts. It is a method distinct from traditional injection molding, where two or more liquid raw materials (typically two liquid monomers or prepolymers) are mixed and injected into a mold, where a chemical reaction takes place to form a solid plastic component.

Vacuum casting
Vacuum Casting is a rapid prototyping technique used to manufacture complex parts. It combines traditional casting processes with modern vacuum technology. This technique is commonly employed for small-batch production and rapid prototyping, especially when high quality, precision, and surface finish are required.
CNC machining
There are many types of CNC machines. They all use a computer controlled machine tool to remove material from the workpiece.. Because of this computer control, CNC machining is much faster, more precise and  accurate than conventional machining.
3D printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, or additive fabrication, is an advanced technology for creating objects. Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing methods, 3D printing builds objects by adding materials layer by layer, enabling the production of complex shapes and internal structures.

4 reasons for choose low-volume manufacturing with KAIAO

KAIAO is recognized as an industry leader in providing the finest rapid low volume manufacturing services. 

Low-volume manufacturing avoids the cost issues of production and maintains high quality always.
KAIAO provides in-house technology and equipment. We will complete your parts under strict quality inspection.
Get added quality assurance from ISO 2768 Medium, ISO 9001 certification.
We provide one-stop design for manufacturing support to our clients.
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Low-volume manufacturing FAQ
If you have any questions about Low-volume manufacturing, please read our FAQ, which contains professional questions and answers about technology, industry, production, etc. You can find the answers you want here.
What' s the low volume manufacturing?
Low volume manufacturing methods are typically faster which allows companies to get their product to the market quickly.Low volume or rapid prototyping manufacturing is a method that serves all industries to manufacture plastic parts with injection techniques.It can help to minimize the molding time to produce your products faster ,fulfill pre-mass production with real material.or produce end products at low quantities.
What materials does KAIAO for production service?
We routinely work with all conventional metals including copper, brass, stainless and mild steel, magnesium, and aluminum. We also have a robust supply chain with thousands of commercial plastic resins, including transparent plastics, engineering- and medical-grade plastics, glass-filled plastics, and more.
What are the advantage of low-volume manufacturing?
Low cost, flexible, beforehand, and efficient. The product quality reaches the industrial level, which can completely reach the quality requirements of customers.
What are KAIAO' s different surface finishes?
To help our clients get the ideal look and feel for their products, we offer a wide range of different surface finishes. Some of our most popular finishing services include anodizing, painting, color matching, pad printing, sanding and polishing, vapor polishing and blasting.
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