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The 21st China International Industry Expo 2019 CNC machine tools and metal processing Exhibition (MWCS)       International event for machine tool, sheet metal and pipe processing, mold manufacturing and tools: September 17-21, 2019         Location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Industrial Expo, total area: 280000 square meters    CNC machine tool area: 80000 square meters host: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, China Council for the promotion of international trade, Shanghai Municipal People's government and United Nations Industrial Development Organization host: donghaolansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. will exhibit global intelligent machine tool equipment and focus on cutting-edge technology of metal processing. September 17-21, 2019, The 21st China International Industry Expo will be grandly held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), with an estimated exhibition area of more than 280000 square meters. CNC machine tools and metal processing Exhibition (MWCS) is one of the core professional exhibitions of China Industry Expo. It is estimated that the exhibition area is 80000 square meters and there are more than 600 exhibitors. It will be divided into "three exhibition areas" according to the types of exhibits: laser processing & sheet metal stamping technology exhibition area, metal cutting & additive manufacturing technology exhibition area, machine tool supporting functional parts and peripheral products exhibition area. The professional audience in the exhibition area covers automobiles, molds Industrial parts, robots, automation, electronics / information communication, metal products, rail transit, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical devices, packaging machinery, elevators, household appliances, pipelines, power facilities, national defense and military industries. During the same period of the exhibition, many summits and technical exchange activities will be held, such as "China sheet metal intelligent manufacturing summit", "future manufacturing Summit Forum", "China robot Summit Forum" and "China metal cutting high level forum". Scope of exhibits: n metal cutting machine tools, metal machining centers, milling machines, ordinary lathes and automatic lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, sawing machines and metal cutting machines, gear making machine tools, modular machine tools and modular components, machining center machines, parallel machine tools, drilling and tapping machine tools, manufacturing units / systems and automation equipment, tool processing grinding machines, grinding Polishing machine superfinishing machine tool. N metal forming machine tools metal sheet cutting machine tools and processing centers, sheet metal, sheet metal, profile shearing machines, pipe spinning machines, plate bending bar materials, pipe bending and forming machines, straightening machines, wire forming machines, stamping, stamping machines, stepping contour machines, various presses, laser cutting machines, etc. N special processing machine tools, numerical control systems, digital display devices and machine tool electrical appliances, machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, tools, fixtures and related products, inspection and measurement equipment. Booth price:   domestic

Famous exhibitors:

Jinche: Yamazaki Mazak, Haas, Shenyang machine tool, Dalian Guangyang, Jier machine tool, Qinchuan machine tool, Beijing No. 2 machine tool, Hanchuan machine tool, Runxing, Yuhuan CNC, Dazheng, Zhicheng, Guibei, etc

Forming: tongkuai, Tiantian, savanini, eweidi, Tuanjie Prima, Mitsubishi, rofin, McGrady, Murata, Han Guang, coherent, Luodan, Baike, taliford, Liang Faji, Yangli, Yawei, Jinfangyuan, Huagong, Chutian, Han Zu, Jiemai, Dineng, Dadong, radium, xunla, Hongshan, Jinyun, etc

Others: ferro water knife, earth water knife, Otto water knife, OMAX, Hagrid, Aku, super technology, keenshi, PWIT, yuerui, Xingchuang, zhuzuan, BOT, weikus, kasto, Qili, etc.

Exhibition procedure:

1. Complete and submit the exhibition application form

2. Confirm the booth and fee with the organizer

3. Sign a formal exhibition contract and pay the booth fee according to the terms of the contract

4. Complete the preparations before the exhibition and successfully participate in the exhibition

**Booth arrangement shall follow the principle of "first application, first arrangement"

Exhibition date:

Donghaolansheng (Group) Co., Ltd. / Shanghai Industrial Business Exhibition Co., Ltd

Business Department of CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition of China International Industry Expo:

Contact: Ms. Zheng Min 18621307312 (wechat)

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