Reasons for Machine Tool Manufacturers to Use CNC Machine Tool Robots

Shandong kangdao information: one of the important reasons why machine tool manufacturers use CNC machine tool robots is that it is difficult to recruit and manage people. Saying "structural shortage" is not a real shortage, but for some reasons. The main reason is that the post-90s hate manual work and blue collar status as a whole. The reasons for this result are particularly complex, The fundamental reason is that the impetuous and competitive trend of the whole society leads to the phenomenon that on the one hand, there is little employment in the society, on the other hand, it is difficult to recruit workers in the manufacturing industry. In order to solve the urgent needs of enterprises, "CNC machine tool robot" has naturally become an alternative solution.

1. CNC machine tool robot can prevent mold damage: if workers fail to take out products, mold closing will cause mold damage, and CNC machine tool robot will automatically alarm and stop.

2. Application of CNC machine tool robot to improve competition: accurately calculate output and enhance enterprise image.

3. Quick return of CNC machine tool robot: one CNC machine tool robot can recover the cost for several months, and one CNC machine tool robot can be used for 8-10 years, that is, 7-8 years for free.

4. It can save manpower, take out products with CNC machine tools and robots, save workers and achieve greater planning benefits of the whole plant.

5. High safety improvement: there is a risk of hand clamping when using hand-held products. The use of CNC machine tool robot can ensure that the products fall and ensure safe production.

6. Improve efficiency: improve the production efficiency of the plant.

7. Improve product quality: the product is automatically demoulded. If the ejector pin is ejected for many times, the extension of time will affect the production efficiency, resulting in scratches and oil pollution, resulting in defective products.

It is an indisputable fact that the labor cost continues to increase for the reasons why machine tool manufacturers apply CNC machine tool robots, which need not be repeated. Even under the background of the continuous economic downturn, it has not yet slowed down. The long-term low-level competition pattern of China's manufacturing industry has not changed. The decline of total social demand leads to white hot competition. "Survival or death" is an unavoidable serious option. In this situation, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs have become a new urgent demand, "robot" has naturally become a means of competition.

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