Mastering Correct Sanding Techniques for Spray Painting

As a professional spray painting master, sanding is an essential part of the entire process. Knowing the correct sanding techniques and skills plays an important role in enhancing the gloss, smoothness, and adhesion of the coating surface, greatly improving the appearance of spray painting products. This article will introduce how to choose suitable sanding materials, master the correct sanding techniques, and related knowledge of attention points, methods, and sanding functions.

I. Choosing Suitable Sanding Materials

In addition to commonly used sandpaper, other common sanding materials include grinding wheels, polishing pads, and other materials. Therefore, when choosing sanding materials, suitable materials should be chosen based on the surface treatment requirements, including the different materials and coatings of the surface.

II. Mastering Correct Sanding Techniques

For hand sanding, skills can be utilized using folded sandpaper. For large area sanding, "high as a benchmark" principle should be mastered. In the mechanical grinding need to grasp the correct grinding strength and speed, to avoid coating damage; When wet grinding, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to wait for the water grinding layer to dry completely before applying the lower paint, otherwise the paint layer is easy to white and so on.

III. Attention Points

Employees should wear masks and goggles when using sanding materials to avoid adverse effects of dust on the body; Pay attention to the correct use of grinding materials and grasp the correct grinding force and arrangement direction to avoid surface damage; Pay attention to the quality and price of polishing materials to avoid wasting costs

IV. Sanding Functions

The grinding process has three main functions: remove burrs, oil and dust on the surface of the substrate to ensure the quality of the coating; For surfaces that have been scraped with putty, a smoother surface is obtained by grinding to reduce surface roughness and enhance mechanical adhesion.

In summary, it can be seen that grinding is crucial to the spray painting process. Carefully understand the types of grinding materials, the use of methods and skills, combined with practical experience and continuous learning and progress, and constantly improve their grinding level, to create higher quality, more professional paint products.

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