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Professionals with many years of production management experience. Responsible for the scheduling review of market sales orders, able to accurately coordinate orders and formulate production plans. Proficient in various technological processes and able to flexibly optimize the production process to ensure maximum utilization of production capacity and maintain production capacity balance.

Able to supervise and follow up the progress of products in production and handle abnormal problems. Able to detect and solve abnormal situations in production in a timely manner to ensure that production progress and quality meet the requirements of the order. Good at summarizing, predicting and promoting the completion of each process, and being able to accurately grasp the production progress and output efficiency.

In terms of skills, he is proficient in ERP/Feishu/proe/UG and office software, is good at expression, communication and coordination, and has good control analysis and judgment abilities. He is familiar with the production process of each process and is good at optimizing the time of making orders. He can rationally utilize the advantages and disadvantages of each production colleague, avoid abnormal problems, improve efficiency, and ensure the completion of production orders with guaranteed quality and quantity.

A successful case, 3 sets of Haifu JB15M medical beds were exhibited. Our PMC managers rationally set the production time for each process of CNC/manual/grinding/painting/metal parts based on the delivery date designated by the customer. Then we supervise and follow up the actual processing progress according to the customer's process requirements, and pre-arrange all links in advance. Possible abnormal situations and avoid risks. In this way, he successfully increased productivity and ensured that each process was successfully completed within the specified time, maintaining quality and quantity. After the delivery of this order, we received appreciation and satisfaction from our superiors and customers.

Our company's PMC managers have rich project management experience and can well complete the orders given to us by customers and provide customers with high-quality and efficient services. I believe that you will not be disappointed if you choose our company.

Professionals with many years of PMC management experience, with proficient operating capabilities in ERP, Feishu, proe, UG and office software. He is good at communication and coordination, has excellent expression and judgment skills, and has unique insights into solving abnormal problems in production. He is familiar with the production process of each process and can optimize the production order time, predict the completion degree of each process and rationally utilize the advantages of production colleagues to avoid abnormal problems, improve efficiency and ensure the smooth completion of production orders.

Key Information:

1. Many years of PMC management experience

2. Proficient in operating ERP, Feishu, proe, UG and office software

3. Excellent communication, coordination and expression skills

4. Have unique insights in handling abnormal problems

5. Familiar with the production process of each process and able to optimize the production order time

6. Able to predict the completion of each process and rationally utilize the strengths of production colleagues to improve efficiency and ensure the smooth completion of production orders

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