What Are the Requirements of CNC Machine Tool Robot for Environment?

Shandong kangdao intelligent information: what are the requirements of CNC machine tool robots for the environment? Not all environments are suitable for CNC machine tool robots, and there are requirements for the environment.

1 What are the requirements of CNC machine tool robot for environment?

The use of truss robot and CNC lathe robot also has requirements for the environment. If there is too much dust in the environment or organic oil on the equipment often flows to the truss robot, the service life of the truss robot will be affected.

2. Relative humidity: 20% to 80%;

3. Power supply: three-phase 380V. Party A is responsible for providing the power supply to the installation position of the manipulator;

5. Power frequency: 50Hz;

6. Air pressure of on-site air source: above 0.5MPa;

When using the CNC machine tool robot, truss robot and CNC lathe robot, there are requirements for installation, and personnel are not allowed to bypass the CNC machine tool robot and truss robot to enter the dangerous area, so as to avoid the sending of accidents.

CNC machine tool robots are widely used. When we install truss robots, we also need to pay attention to the installation environment of CNC machine tool robots and truss robots. If the environment is bad, we need to install corresponding CNC machine tool robots. For example, if it is a working environment with water, dust and oil, then, We will install a waterproof and dustproof CNC machine tool robot. If it is a large machine, we also need to find a way to fix the truss robot to avoid displacement and affect the positioning accuracy.

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